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Georgi Tomov – 講題摘要

Prof. Georgi Tomov  (Bulgaria)

Georgi Tomov obtained Master’s degree in Dental Medicine from the Medical University of Plovdiv in 2004. He has MSc in therapeutic stomatology from 2008. In 2009 G. Tomov defended his PhD degree with summa cum laude honor and in 2012 he is appointed as Associated Professor at the Department of Oral Pathology in MU Plovdiv. He currently serves as head of Oral Pathology Department as well as Director of the University laser dental center. Assoc. Prof. Tomov is also President of Bulgarian Dental Laser Society, an active member of the ISLD and active lecturer on laser dentistry in Europe and Asia.


The scientific interests and clinical practice of G. Tomov are focused on oral pathology, periodontology and laser applications in dental medicine. Assoc.Prof. Tomov is an author of over 40 full-text publications in specialized dental journals, major researcher in six scientific projects and co-author in four textbooks.


Topic :



Abstract :

Light-based imaging of the oral soft tissues provides early detection of minimal changes such as expression of specific biomarkers, tissue architecture and composition, vascularity and perfusion. These methods are beneficial for assessing the margins of lesions and potentially the presence of subclinical abnormalities beyond the clinical margins, for repeated non-invasive monitoring of existing lesions, and for rapidly examining at-risk populations.

The light-based imaging is further supported by laser-assisted treatment. This is done by choosing a particular wavelength that will be selectively absorbed by the target tissue, leaving the surrounding structures unaffected. This modern concept however is objects of criticism and controversy among researchers and dental professionals due to limited number of reliable clinical studies.


In this lecture, the principles behind optical technologies, their feasibility and applicability for oral soft tissues, and their potential usefulness as a tool in the diagnosis and treatment of oral mucosal lesions, will be presented and illustrated with author’s clinical studies. The applications of these devices in the oral cavity will be critically discussed to provide the audience with a comprehensive understanding of emergent light-based diagnostic and laser-assisted treatment modalities.


Key words: Light-based imaging, laser treatment, oral lesions