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Ben Ong – 講題摘要

Prof. Ben Ong  (Australia)


Dr Ben Ong graduated from the University of Singapore in 1974 and has been practicing dentistry for over 40 years. Ben focuses on minimally invasive dentistry in his practice and has a special interest in implant dentistry, laser surgery and orthodontics. In his time away from work, Ben likes to go fishing and enjoys travelling, computers and good food – he considers himself a foodie.


Topic :

Management of complications of dental implants with Er:YAG lasers


Abstract :

There are 100,00 – 300,000 dental implants placed a year worldwide.  Techniques, materials    and designs improvements and simplifications have made it easier for most dentists to perform the procedures.  The survival rates of over 90% with various implants type and sizes were recorded.   And the failure rates is only 5%. Implant failure can be divided into two categories. Early failure describes the situation when an implant is placed but fails to integrate (become solidly embedded into the bone). Late or long-term failure describes the situation where an implant has integrated solidly, but after many months or years, there is bone loss around the implant. With the introduction of lasers in dentistry, many potential complications resulting in failures could be prevented and managed.  Lasers is used in various stages of implant procedures – placement, management and removal.  This presentation deals with the management of complications arising from dental implant procedures.