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盧宏杰 – 講題摘要





盧宏杰 理事長 President Hung Chieh Lu (Taiwan)

‧ 美國紐約大學植牙及牙周病專科醫師
‧ 台灣世界臨床雷射醫學會理事長
‧ 台北市牙科植體學會副祕書長
‧ 中華民國骨鬆協會監事
‧ 美容植牙醫學會理事


Topic :

Fast and comfortable orthodontic treatment made possible


Abstract :

The most discomfort portion of orthodontic treatment is long-term therapy period which accompanied by sore teeth and cleaning difficulty. How to shorten the treatment time and reduce the discomfort is a matter of great interest to dentists and patients. Current research methods include local injection of drugs, corticotomies, vibration, LED and laser irradiation. All of the above treatments shorten the treatment time through regulating the physiological metabolism of bone tissue. Bones tissue is consistently under the dynamic balance between destruction of osteoclast and regeneration of osteoblast. When a force is applied to the teeth, the blood vessels in the PDL in the pressure side are crushed, leading to ischemia, and the damaged cells release prostaglandins, which in turn initiates inflammation. The mechanism of inflammation turns to activate osteoclasts and bone absorption. On the contrary, the side that is pulled away from bone will stimulate new bone formation. In this way, the bones in front of the roots are absorbed, and the bones behind the roots are generated which causes tooth movement.

Laser irradiation can accelerate the metabolism of bone tissue and shorten the treatment time which in comparing with other methods is simpler, cheaper, and more effective way. More than that, laser irradiation also reduce the soreness of teeth movement.