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黃萬騰 – 講題摘要





黃萬騰 博士  Dr. Wan-Teng Huang

. 中山醫學大學牙醫學士
. 台北醫學大學碩士,博士班
. 四川大學華西口腔醫學院博士
. 美國自然醫學醫師
. 恩主公醫院主治醫師
. 亞太醫學聯盟理事
. 中華民國口腔雷射醫學會監事
. 台灣世界臨床雷射醫學會副理事長
. 美麗華生物能牙醫診所院長


Topic :



Abstract :

Minimal Invasive Precision Dental Laser Application in Digital Dentistry

Minimal invasive precision medicine is the standard principle of the next generation medicine.

Laser application in dental medicine play an important role in precision field. The precise cutting and biostimulation effect made the post operation healing in good progress. It is a proper tool in minimal invasive dental medicine.

Precision ,Minimal invasion, the benefit of  dental laser combined with digital surgical stent can aid the dental surgery  procedure more quick and safety in digital dental surgery.

In the future digital dental generation. The cooperation of laser and digital environment will help the dental experts operate more precise and minimal invasive procedure to help patients have the better experience in dentistry.