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潘裕民 – 講題摘要





潘裕民 醫師

‧ 美國密西根大學 生物材料學碩士 M.S.
‧ 台北醫學大學牙醫學士 B.D.S.
‧ 中華民國植牙醫學會專科醫師
‧ 台灣美容植牙醫學會專科醫師
‧ 中華民國牙體復形學會專科醫師
‧ 亞太雷射醫學會專科醫師
‧ 雋品牙醫診所負責醫師


Topic :

Laser assisted bone and soft tissue augmentation through VISTA microsurgery


Abstract :

Ridge atrophy and gingival recession are commonly seen cases in our daily practice. Incision to open flap almost become one of the standard procedures to perform GBR and soft tissue augmentation. But the resulted large wound turned out to be a serious concern for both dentist and patient. With the assistance of effectiveness of Er:YAG laser on both soft and hard tissue, the bone and soft tissue augmentation can be achieved using VISTA microsurgery, thus the size of incision and wound can be minimized to be as small as possible. In this presentation, a new microsurgery technique with utilization of Er:YAG laser to enhance the success rate of these hard and soft tissue graft surgeries would be demonstrated.