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楊振樺 – 講題摘要





楊振樺 醫師  Dr. YANG CHENG-HUA

‧ 菲律賓優西亞諾牙醫學系
‧ 中華民國臨床植牙專科醫師
‧ 台灣世界臨床雷射醫學會專科醫師
‧ 國際矯正與植牙學會會員


Topic :

Effectiveness of Er: YAG Lasers in dentistry


Abstract :

Lately lasers have been widely used in countless fields, which includes the major part- medical usage. However, with the convenience and prompt advantage, lasers soon come to the top of the tool choices while having a surgery to all the surgeons. Dental surgeries with conventional equipment could be somehow tricky when it comes to certain surgeries requiring extra precision and accuracy. Among all kind of medical used lasers, Er. YAG Lasers contain the qualities that not only can be applied to dental surgeries but also conquer the difficulties that conventional equipment is dealing with.

Let us reveal the power and effectiveness of Er. YAG Lasers and find out a new way to explore more in dentistry with the greatness brought by Our Er. YAG Lasers.