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游麗玲 – 講題摘要





游麗玲 醫師  Dr. Li-Ling Yu

‧美國 Loma Linda University 雷射專科醫師認證
‧國立台北科技大學 機電整合研究所客座講師


Topic :

Multiple Applications with Er:YAG Laser in Apicoectomy- A case report and review of articles


Abstract :

An apicoectomy is usually performed after a failed root canal treatment. During the operation the infected tissue is removed, and the tooth should be examined at the same time. If the tooth is cracked or fractured, extraction will be recommended. Surgical endodontics could be performed using Er:YAG laser on patients exhibiting periapical pathosis. It has attracted attention because of the possibility of cutting hard and soft tissues with extremely minor thermal effects. The other benefits were antibactericide , and the biostimulation of  increasing wound healing by LLLT. All of the above could promise the best prognosis to patients and that will be available.

In this article, all procedures were performed using Er:YAG laser ( LiteTouch Dental Laser, Syneron) with copious saline coolant under local anesthesia. The laser treatments included: incision and reflection of the mucoperiosteal flap, osteotomy over the lesion, removal of granulation tissues and gutta-percha fragments, root-end resection without retrofilling, and LLLT after wound sutures. The clinical condition of the patient was evaluated at 1 week, 1 month, and 3 months after surgery. No adverse reactions were seen during the laser irradiation procedure, and radiolusency lesion area was smaller and more opacity at 3 months check. It is concluded that apicoectomy using Er:YAG laser would offer another option for dentists and patients to save the problematic tooth. However, improvement of the laser device and more education for dentists and patients would offer considerable advantages.


Keywords: Apicoectomy; Er:YAG laser; gutta-percha fragments;  LLLT